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Your kids will love making ten with this spider theme activity. And you’ll love how easy it is to include in your preschool and kindergarten math centers.

What You Need

All you need to play this fun spider theme activity is my Make Ten web, my 2 sided spider counters, and a tub.


How to Play

This spider theme game is super fun and easy to play.

  1. Cut around both the black and white spiders and glue them together so that one side has a black spider and the other side has a white spider.
  2. Place all 10 spiders in a tub and shake them.
  3. Spill the spiders onto the web and count how many are black, and how many are white.
  4. Record your answers on the included spider web worksheet.

If you have advanced mathematicians, a good small group activity could be to teach them how to create an equation out of this.


On the other hand, you may have most of your kids needing to work with a smaller number. This activity also comes with a make five worksheet and web that’s perfect for introducing this to beginner mathematicians.

Spider Activities for Preschool

I have a few more free spider activities for preschool up my sleeve. I have been introducing a few sight words a week to my little one and this spider activity really helped them to stick.


It’s a simple sight word game, which I’m big on! Simply hide the spider behind a sight word and your little ones will guess which word it is behind. It helps practice the words again and again, and with sight words, repetition is key for success!


If your students aren’t quite there yet and you’d rather work on letter recognition activities, I’ve got you covered. This free spider activity also comes with a letter option!


I’m sure you know the song, We are going on a bear hunt… Well today, we went on a spider hunt using another one of my FREE spider printables and it did not disappoint! This is a great activity to do if your little one needs to work on:

  • number recognition
  • counting
  • or if you’re in need of a fun gross motor activity to get your little ones up and moving!

Simply hang these spider webs around the room and have your kiddos search for them, count the number of spiders in the web, and run back to color it in on their worksheet! You’ll thanks me later because this is LOADS OF FUN!

Fine Motor Activities for Preschoolers

This fine motor activity is super simple and a whole lot of fun for kids. You’ll love how the classic cereal on a spaghetti noodle activity was easily twisted into Halloween fun!


To play, stick a few spaghetti noodles into clumps of Playdoh and practice stacking spider rings on the noodles. Easy peasy!

Here’s a video of my little one trying this out at home.


More Fun Spider Theme Activities

Deena, at ABCDeeLearning came up with this adorable spider counting activity that I just love.


I really like how this math activity can double as a craft for kids! Simply choose a number, and add that many spots (or googly eyes) onto the spiders back. Click HERE to check out more of Deena’s Halloween activities for kids.

Free Activities for Kids

Be sure to check out the other spider theme activities from my friends below. Click on each of the links and hop between the blogs to grab them all!



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Halloween Activities for Kids

Need more Halloween activities for kids? Check out these fun Halloween activities and stay busy learning all season long!

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