Christmas Activities for Preschool

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Looking for some great Christmas activities for preschool? You’ve come to the right place. I’ve got two weeks of fun Christmas math activities, Christmas literacy activities, and Christmas crafts for preschoolers to enjoy this winter!

Christmas Crafts for Preschoolers

Reindeer craft

Reindeer craft

Isn’t this the cutest reindeer in all the North Pole?! I’m obsessed with his big eyes and his bright red nose. This reindeer craft would look amazing on a Christmas bulletin board or sent home as a Christmas present for preschool parents. This is such a fun Christmas name craft for kids and can be customized for your preschoolers name. Grab it here.

Santa Advent Calendar

Santa advent calendar to count down the 25 days until Christmas

This free Santa advent calendar is a fun countdown to Christmas. This advent calendar comes with a Santa craft template so all you need is to glue white pom poms as you count down the 25 days to Christmas. This would be another adorable winter bulletin board idea or sent home as a parent Christmas present before the holiday break.

Santa advent calendar to count down the 25 days until Christmas

Snowman craft

snowman craft

Here’s a quick and simple snowman toilet paper roll craft for kids to make this Christmas. Grab some pom poms (or cotton balls), construction paper, paint, markers, and a toilet paper roll and let’s make a snowman craft.

Dip the rim of the toilet paper roll in white paint and press it down on the construction paper to create the snowman’s body. After that, cut out a hat and scarf and glue it on the snowman. Then, draw on the snowman’s buttons, arms, and face. Finally, glue pom poms around the snowman to create a winter scene. This is the perfect snowman craft to make with preschoolers.

Christmas Countdown Calendar

Paper plate Christmas countdown calendars | advent calendar for kids

I love how children get so giddy as they countdown to Christmas. As each day passes the sparkle in their eyes gets a little bit bigger and bigger. This year I decided to make two Christmas countdown calendars, or advent calendars for kids. I know you will love using these creative ways to countdown the 25 days until Christmas.

You’ll need to gather materials if you’re going to make these cute paper plate crafts. Luckily, you most likely have most of these hanging around your house. You will need construction paper, 3 plates, 2 brads, brown paint, scissors, glue, and my FREE Christmas countdown calendar template.

Paper plate crafts Christmas countdown calendars | advent calendars for kids

After you gather the materials, you’ll want to cut out the kids advent calendar templates. This activity comes with a snowman and reindeer paper plate craft template to make your Christmas countdown a breeze.

Paper plate crafts Christmas countdown calendars | advent calendars for kids

After that, you will need to paint 2 of the paper plates brown. Then, cut one of the paper plates into thirds to create the reindeers face. When you’re done, glue the templates onto the plates and attach the pointers (snowman nose and Rudolph tail) using brads. Finally, write the numbers 1-25 around the rims of the paper plates so you’re ready to count down the days until Christmas with your preschooler.

Grab the free kids advent calendar templates here and craft your own Christmas countdown calendar today.

Snow Globe Name Craft for Winter

winter name craft with snow globes

You can never go wrong with a winter name craft. This one is a fun twist on snow globes for kids and I know your preschoolers will enjoy it. To make this, print the snow globe template and decorate the winter scene. Then, write the letters in your student’s name in the snow balls and add them to your snow globe. Isn’t it such a cute winter name craft?

Christmas Sensory Bins for Preschool

How gorgeous is this Christmas sensory bin? I’m obsessed with all things Christmas so I knew I needed THE perfect sensory bin this winter.

Fun sensory bin for preschoolers to use this Christmas. Fill with fake snow, jingle bells, cookie cutters, and magnetic wands for a fun Christmas sensory bin

To recreate this you need a few items. Jingle bells, magnetic wands, cookie cutters, fake snow, and a sensory bin. Toss them all in a tub and you have the perfect Christmas sensory bin for preschoolers.

Christmas or winter sensory bin and letter match activity

Here’s another fun winter sensory bin to do with your preschoolers this Christmas holiday. Grab my free alphabet search printable, jello mix, a fine motor tool, and magnetic letters.

Make the Jello and pour it into a festive dish. Mine are from Dollar Tree. Then add magnetic letters into the mixture and stick it in the fridge to mold.

Christmas or winter sensory bin and letter match activity

Once it’s ready, your little learners can dig through the Jello with a fine motor tool and pull out the magnetic letters. As they pull out each letter, have them identify its name and sound. Then, trace it on the alphabet search worksheet. You can also differentiate this winter sensory bin activity by matching one to one and placing the magnetic letter on top of the right letter on the worksheet.

Christmas Activities for Preschoolers

Week 2
Week 1

I’ve created not one but TWO amazing weeks with 30 of the best Christmas activities for preschoolers. Be sure you grab these engaging, hands on Christmas activities and Christmas printables by clicking on the pictures above to keep your kids learning in a fun way this holiday season.

Keep scrolling to see these activities in action. For more holiday inspiration, check out my Instagram.

Preschool shape activities for Christmas. Match shaped gifts to the right shape sleigh.

Teaching shapes to toddlers and preschoolers can seem like a tedious task, but it doesn’t have to be. One of my favorite ways to incorporate shape practice into our days is to talk about shapes in real life. This Christmas shape activity for preschoolers is a fun way to do just that. 

To play, grab a shape sleigh and place the correct shape gifts into it for Santa. Isn’t this a fun Christmas activity for preschool students?

Write the room Christmas activities for preschool

It’s so important to get our preschoolers up and moving which is why I love having my preschoolers do write the room activities! This write the room activity does not disappoint. Before playing, hang the trees around the room. Then give each student a worksheet and have them go on a hunt. As they find each Christmas tree, they’ll count the number of ornaments and color it in on the worksheet. Grab this Christmas activity for preschoolers here!

Add ornaments on a tree with this fun Christmas match activity for preschoolers

This Christmas math activity works on numbers 1-20 and is one of the best math activities for preschoolers. Grab small manipulative or even snacks (m&ms work great with this) and set your kiddos free. They’ll choose a numbered card and add that many “ornaments” on the Christmas tree.

Christmas math activity for preschoolers to learn how to order numbers.

This Christmas math activity is perfect for ordering numbers with your students. I’ve included several options for success so your beginning mathematician can feel success by tracing the numbers and your advanced mathematician can be an expert with filling in the blanks. You can even turn this math activity for preschoolers into a fine motor activity by cutting these Christmas light cards apart and hanging them in order on string with clothes pins.

Christmas activities for preschool to practice counting with kids.

Snowball fights are always a good time, especially when you can make it into a preschool math activity. To play this, grab a card and count the number of snow balls in the bucket. Place that many snow balls in the winter scene. To jazz this Christmas activity for kids up a little, use marshmallows, cotton balls, rolled up paper, or pom poms instead of the snowball clipart that is provided. Grab this Christmas printable here.

Teach prepositions in preschool with this fun book.

I don’t know about you, but my three year old has been struggling with prepositions. Words like under, over, by, near, far, between can be a struggle for little ones to grasp so this preposition book is definitely needed!

Fun preschool preposition activities

This preposition activity for preschoolers is a fun way to practice beginning reading skills like reading left to right and introducing stacked lines. It’s also a great opportunity to talk about the importance of preposition in a hands on way.

Fun preschool preposition activities

This comes with a black and white book and several Christmas trees to decorate and glue in the right places on the pages. Just read each sentence and place the tree where it goes!

Pattern block math activities for kids

Aren’t these the cutest Christmas activity mats? Pattern blocks have been a huge hit for years, even when I was a kid. The other day I saw some in the store and KNEW I had to buy some for my daughter to use at home. With this fun math activity for kids, I can help reinforce shapes, handwriting, and Christmas vocabulary. That’s a win in my book! Grab these fun mats here.

Christmas Santa tracker letter match activity

Do your kids addictively watch the Santa tracker on Christmas Eve wondering where Santa is and when he will be at your house? Mine sure do. So with them in mind, I created this adorable alphabet letter match activity. This Christmas activity for preschoolers comes with several Santa tracker mats and lower case letter gifts. Your students will identify the capital letters on the Santa tracker mat and their sound, then place the matching gift on top of it. Grab the printable Santa Tracker alphabet activity here.

Preschool compound word activity

Orally identifying compound words is one of the most basic beginning reading skills for preschoolers. In this Christmas reading activity, your little ones will add the jingle bells to Rudolph’s collar to create a compound word.

Kindergarten write the room activity to practice syllables this Christmas

Here’s another preschool or kindergarten write the room activity to use this Christmas. Hang Santa’s syllable cards around the room and have your students search for them high and low. As they find each one, they will identify the word and how many syllables are in it. Then, they will color it in on the syllable worksheet. Grab these Christmas printables here.

Fun rhyming activity for preschoolers to do during Christmas. Decorate the tree with rhyme ornaments.

Rhyming is an important skill for little learners so of course I had to include it in my Christmas activities for preschool pack. To play, place the ornaments that rhyme next to each other on the Christmas tree. Grab this fun Christmas activity for preschoolers here!

Christmas geoboard patterns to create Christmas designs and shapes

Geoboards are a great tool to use in preschool to teach shapes, but have you ever made pictures out of them? I created these fun Christmas pictures to use with our geoboards and my preschooler is getting the biggest kick out of them. This set comes with 10 easy geoboard designs (shown above) and 10 more difficult designs. Grab all 20 here.

Christmas activities for preschool playdoh mats

You can’t go wrong with Playdoh activities, especially ones as cute as these. Build on your child’s fine motor skills as they roll and mold Playdoh into these adorable Christmas pictures. Then, improve their handwriting by having them trace the Christmas vocabulary words. Grab these here.

Christmas Books

Here are some of my all time favorite Christmas books for children. Click the pictures below to view these on Amazon.

Free Christmas Printables

free christmas activities for preschool to practice counting

Your little learners will love this counting activity this holiday season. Counting is such an important skill for preschoolers to master so we try to hit this as much as possible. This Christmas activity for preschool is a really fast set up. First, cut out triangle Christmas trees and grab some sticker “ornaments” to decorate with. Then, place a different amount of stickers on each tree. After that, write numbers on the clothes pins to match the number of stickers on each tree. Finally, your kids will count each tree and match the right numbered trunk to the tree. Here’s a video of my 3 year old doing this math activity.

Building Santas beard Number Sense

Build Santas beard and teach counting and number sense in preschool | Christmas math activity

This free Christmas activity for preschoolers is a great way to teach counting and number sense. Here your students will build Santa’s beard with this hands on math activity. Gather a small white manipulative such as cotton balls, playdoh, or pom poms and these free Santa templates and stick this in a preschool math center today.

Christmas Alphabet Activity

Christmas alphabet activity to practice letters in preschool

This Christmas alphabet activity is the perfect way for your preschoolers to learn letters this Christmas. Stick this fun alphabet activity in a literacy center and have your students match the letters in many ways. I always have my little ones identify the letter name and sound, and then match on the letter mat with a small manipulative. You could use mini erasers, pom poms, magnetic letters, or even do a fun PlayDoh smash. Grab this engaging alphabet center here!

Snowman Shapes

Winter math activities for preschoolers to practice shapes on snowmen

Teaching toddlers and preschoolers shapes is an essential skill in school. Luckily, shapes are everywhere in the real world which makes it easy and fun to teach. With this winter hands on activity, your students will practice matching the real world shapes to the correct snowman.


Christmas number mats

Christmas fine motor number mats to practice numbers, ten frames, handwriting, and fine motor.

These Christmas fine motor number mats are perfect for preschoolers to practice allllllll the things this winter! I’m talking numbers, ten frames, handwriting, AND fine motor skills all jammed into this one Christmas activity. Do yourself a favor and grab these free Christmas number mats here.

Want more holiday crafts and Christmas activities for kids? Check out my other Christmas activities for kids post.

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