Christmas Activities for Kids

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These Christmas crafts for kids are cute and easy paper plate crafts

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Time for holiday shopping, cooler weather, and loads of contagious joy. I can without a doubt say that Christmas is my all time favorite holiday. So of course I had to showcase my favorite Christmas activities for kids to give you some ideas on Christmas crafts and holiday activities to use this season.

Christmas Crafts for Kids

Kid Christmas crafts are seriously the cutest things on the planet. The Christmas holidays are such a magical time of year, especially for little ones. I love how you instantly can tell that the Christmas crafts kids create are full of pure love and joy. Here are my favorite paper plate Christmas crafts for kids you can do over the next several weeks.

Snowman Crafts

This snowman craft is an easy and cute Christmas craft for kids

These cute snowman crafts are super easy Christmas crafts for kids! All you need is a paper plate, scissors, glue, cotton balls, construction paper, buttons, and googly-eyes.

This snowman craft is an easy and cute Christmas craft for kids

Once you gather the supplies you will need to cut out the center of the paper plate with scissors or a box blade. Be sure to save the middle circle because it will be the head of your snowman. After that, you will glue cotton balls around the edges of the paper plate.

This snowman craft is an easy and cute Christmas craft for kids

You’ll also want to choose what color hat and scarf your snowman will wear. Cut the hat out and glue it on the snowman’s head. I decided to cut strips up the ends of my snowman’s scarf to make it have more depth. Isn’t it a nice touch for the snowman craft? After that, cut stick arms out of the brown construction paper.

Then you’ll want to glue on the googly-eyes, buttons, and carrot nose however you’d like to create the snowman’s face. Attach the stick arms, and you’re all done with your Christmas paper plate craft!

Reindeer Craft

This reindeer craft is an easy and cute Christmas craft for kids

This reindeer craft is a super simple Christmas activity for kids to make. You’ll need to start out by cutting a paper plate into thirds. When you’re done, you’ll choose one and paint (or color) the backside of the plate brown.

This reindeer craft is an easy and cute Christmas craft for kids

After that. You will cut out a red circle nose, two eyes, and two antlers. Glue these onto the the plate and your reindeer Christmas craft is complete!

Christmas Tree Craft

I know your kids will love making this Christmas tree craft as much as mine did! All you need to make this holiday craft is a paper plate, scissors, glue, green paint (or marker), pom poms, and a bow.

This Christmas tree craft is an easy and cute Christmas craft for kids

To create this craft you will first need to cut the paper plate into thirds. Then, you will paint (or color) the tree green. After that, you will glue the 3 paper plates together, with the point facing up.

This Christmas tree craft is an easy and cute Christmas craft for kids

Finally, glue on the pom poms and bow. Isn’t this just the cutest paper plate craft?

These Christmas crafts for kids are cute and easy paper plate crafts

Popsicle stick crafts for kids

Christmas popsicle stick crafts for kids

Aren’t these the CUTEST popsicle stick crafts? We got these a few days ago from Target and I decided to bust them out and be a crafty momma. I love how cute these turned out and how much fun my little one had with this hands on activity. Feeling extra crafty? This is the perfect diy craft for kids to do if you have popsicle sticks, foam, pom poms and googly eyes lying around!

Elf Name Craft

Elf name craft for preschoolers

Name crafts are so important around the preschool age when little ones are practicing recognizing their names. This Christmas, I decided to create this elf name craft to reinforce my little ones names and have something cute to hang on our wall! To create this, all you need is my elf name craft printable, construction paper, scissors, and glue.

I know what you’re thinking. These are definitely super cute and easy kid Christmas crafts. Be sure you pin any image on this page to save it as a future reference! Don’t forget to check out more winter Christmas crafts here.

Fun Christmas Activities for Preschoolers

30 Christmas activities for preschoolers
Week 1
15 fun Christmas activities for preschoolers to do this winter holiday.
Week 2

I’ve created TWO WEEKS full of 30 of the best Christmas activities for preschoolers. Be sure you grab these engaging, hands on Christmas printables to keep your kids learning in a fun way this holiday season. (Check out week 2 activities here.) Keep scrolling to see these activities in action. For more holiday inspiration, check out my Instagram.

Ugly Christmas Sweater for Kids

The first Christmas activity for preschoolers is something VERY popular here in America – the ugly Christmas sweater! It’s a fairly new tradition for people here in the United States and let me tell you… it is really fun to create an ugly Christmas sweater!

To participate, you decorate a sweater with whatever you’d like (tinsel, ornaments, bows, lights etc.) and attend parties with your family and friends. This activity started as a joke, but each year more and more people participate and now having an ugly Christmas sweater party is a big deal here in the United States.

ugly Christmas sweater for kids. Decorate your own ugly Christmas sweater with this fun counting activity

To play my version of this Christmas activity for kids, you’ll need to gather some supplies. My ugly Christmas sweater printables, bows, tinsel, and ornaments (buttons and pom poms work too). Your child will choose a card and decorate their ugly Christmas sweater according to their card. This is an excellent counting activity for preschoolers and I know it’ll be a hit with your classroom!

Letter Tracing Activity for Christmas

Letter tracing activity for Christmas. Kids trace letters with a candy cane in reindeer food (oatmeal).

This fun letter tracing activity for preschoolers is the perfect way to practice handwriting this Christmas. Handwriting can be hard for kids. ANDDDDD yes, it can be boring to some students BUT it doesn’t have to be! If you’re looking for a fun way to practice handwriting, these tracing cards are for you.

Grab my letter tracing cards from my shop, a candy cane, and some dried oatmeal and you are good to go. Simply choose a card and trace the letter in the “reindeer fun”. I promise even your most reluctant writer will be head over heels for this fun handwriting activity.

Gingerbread Man Activity

Here’s another fun Christmas activity for kids. This gingerbread man activity is quite simple and full of learning. To play, grab the gingerbread man cards and gingerbread house mats from my Christmas printables and identify the number of syllables in each word. Then place each gingerbread man at the right house.

Gingerbread man activity for kids to practice syllables

Letter and Sight Word Activities

These printable sight word games are some of my favorites to play in the classroom (and even at home with my 3 year old!) I love how easy it is to set up and how much the kids really enjoy practicing their sight words with it.

Printable sight word games for Christmas. Fun sight word game for kids to play

To play, place the sight word cards in a pocket chart (or lay them flat on a table). You will hide the picture of a gift behind one of the sight word cards. Then students will guess which sight word the gift is behind. I love how this sight word game gets students to repeatedly practice sight words in a fun way.

If your students aren’t quite ready for a sight word version, my Christmas printables also come with a game for letter recognition as well.

Christmas games for letter recognition.

Beginning sound worksheets

I love using this beginning sound worksheet to promote beginning reading skills with my preschoolers. This winter sensory bin is easy to recreate. All you need is fake snow and my initial sound jingle bell cards. I’ve tried a few different kinds of fake snow throughout the years and THIS one is by far my favorite to use.

This fake snow is the perfect mix between Kinetic Sand and PlayDoh because it easily molds into the shape you want AND it won’t dry out if you leave it in the open over night. I love how I can just stick my beginning sound cards in it and know my students can independently play this beginning sound activity all by themselves.

Pattern Activities for Preschoolers

Christmas pattern activities for preschoolers using jingle bells

Pattern activities for preschoolers just got a whole lot more fun with these Christmas printables. Grab some red, green, silver, and gold jingle bells (or use the paper jingle bells I’ve included in this bundle) and let’s get started building patterns!

This bundle includes several different kinds of pattern activities for preschoolers (AB, ABB, AAB, AABB, and ABC). It also comes with a fun pattern worksheet so that your preschoolers can create their own patterns with markers.

Need the perfect size jingle bells for this pattern activity? I used these!

Measuring Activities Preschool

You can’t go wrong with a fun preschool measuring activity. This measuring activity is great because it can be used independently at a desk or hung around the room as a Write the Room activity. Either way, this preschool meausring activity is jam packed with fun.

Christmas measuring activities preschool using nonstandard measurement

This Christmas activity for preschoolers comes with a measurement worksheet, nonstandard measurement jingle bell ruler, and various sized gifts. Have your students use the jingle bell ruler (or real jingle bells) to see how long each gift is. Then record the measurement on the measurement worksheet.

Christmas Printables

Reindeer food printable

This free reindeer food printable is the perfect template to add to your Christmas Eve festivities. Making reindeer food is such a fun tradition in my classroom and home. Every year I gather my supplies

  1. My free reindeer food template
  2. Oatmeal
  3. Glitter or sprinkles
  4. Ziplock bag

And we’re ready to make this cute magical reindeer food.

reindeer food printable tag to go on bag of reindeer food

If you want to turn your reindeer food into an extra cute Christmas activity (like the ones above), you will need to grab a few more items.

  1. Googly eyes
  2. One red pom pom
  3. One brown pipe cleaner
  4. A bow (if you choose to make a girl reindeer)

First print the reindeer food tag printable. Then you’ll need to cut the top off a Ziplock bag. After that, add a cup of oatmeal in the bag and sprinkle in some glitter. Be sure you take the pipe cleaner and wrap it around the top to seal the bag. When you’re done, scrunch the ends of the pipe cleaner to create the antlers. Glue the eyes and nose on the bag and attach the tag with a ribbon.

That’s it! Now be sure your kiddos don’t eat this mix. I always tell my students that this reindeer food is magical and safe for reindeer, but not for people. On Christmas Eve, sprinkle this in your yard so the reindeer will see it and stop at your house with Santa.

Christmas Ornament I Spy

Christmas activities for kids. This fun winter holiday activity focuses on letters and letter sounds for kids

Twinkle twinkle in my eye which Christmas light letter do you SPY!? You guys asked for a great sensory activity for kids and I think I may have delivered with this one!

To play this sensory activity with your kids, grab the free Christmas printable (below), a clear Christmas light ornament, sprinkles, and letter beads. Fill the ornament with sprinkles and letter beads and let your little ones get to searching! Click the pictures below to grab the ones I used.

As your little one spots a letter they will identify the name and sound, then trace it on the worksheet. Both a capital letter and lower case version are available in the link below!


Christmas Games Tic Tac Toe

Christmas activities for preschoolers Tic Tac Toe Santa game

This is a fun little Christmas fine motor activity for preschoolers to play around the winter holidays that will help improve fine motor skills and matching techniques!

These Christmas Tic Tac Toe game boards are from Dollar Tree. If you haven’t grabbed one in years passed, you better jingle your way over there and pick one up today! There’s a Santa and Penguin Tic Tac Toe board available and both are included in this free Christmas printable.

While you’re at Dollar Tree, grab some red, gold, and silver jingle bells (or pom poms) a pair of kid friendly tweezers, and you’ll be good to go! Don’t forget to grab the free Christmas activity here.

Want more holiday crafts and Christmas activities for kids? Check out my second week of Christmas activities for preschoolers here!

Or these Thanksgiving and Pumpkin activities for fall are amazing too.

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