Back to School Activities

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The first day of school for kindergarten and preschool children is an exciting time. There are so many pictures to be taken and friends to be made. It is also the perfect time to introduce day to day routines and how center work will look for the remainder of the year. These back to school activities are the perfect addition to introduce in your first few weeks of school and will help instill a love for learning for your preschool and kindergarten students.


Back to School Math Activities

back to school pattern activities

It’s important to teach patterns to preschoolers because it helps kids make predictions based off of observations. This skill is essential in the foundations of math in order to prepare children for more complex number concepts and mathematical operations. This pattern activity comes with AB, AAB, and ABC cards for differentiation, as well as a worksheet.

ordering by size activities

Sorting by size is a brand new concept for Preschool and Kindergarten students. This is a fun activity where your students will sort pictures between different sized school scenes according to their sizes.

back to school counting activities

I love when counting can be engaging and hands on. Here, your students will choose a numbered crayon box, and put that number of crayons into the box. Easy peasy.

color activities for preschool

This matching activity is great to reinforce colors and one to one matching with your little learners. I’ve used these with my toddler on up to Kindergarten aged students. This is especially fun if used within a sensory bin!

back to school activities

Number mats are some of my favorite math activities to use because they touch on so many different standards at once. Here, your child will identify the number, build upon their fine motor skills by molding the number using Play-Doh, read the number word, write the number, and build the number with a ten frame. These number mats are for numbers 1-10 and are totally FREE for my email subscribers. (Pssss.. be sure to check the bottom of this post for 33 more back to school FREEBIES!!)

Back to School Reading Activities

back to school activities for kids

Reading definitely has my heart, and I think it’s essential to touch on foundational reading skills as early as possible. One way you can do that with this resource is by using this letter matching activity. Here, your students will choose a lower case letter card, and find the matching capital letter card on the game board to cover up. 

back to school name activities

Name activities are my fav. This resource comes with two options for the crayon box. I chose to build the names with magnetic letters and then have my preschoolers match them one to one with the crayon letters. I’ve also done this activity during the first month of school by taking a picture of each student and writing their name underneath it. This way, I can place them on a ring and toss them in my writing center to use all year long. To use along with this activity, the students would choose a picture card and build the name without my assistance. 

back to school writing activities

Write the room activities are always a hit so I knew I wanted to introduce this early on in my school year. You will love the diverse options for this activity. You can add these cards into the writing center and have students trace them or they can be added onto the word wall to use with the worksheets. Children will attach the Write the Room pages to a clipboard and search and write the words they find next to their pictures. This activity comes with school vocabulary words starting with all letters A-Z.

back to school beginning sound activities for kids

Another favorite reading activity that we will be using this year are my scenic beginning sound mats. For these, the students will look at the pictures and identify the initial sound. Then, they will place the matching letter in the beginning of the word.

Back to School Crafts

first day jitters craft

Each year on the first day of school we read The First Day Jitters as a class and have a glass of jitter juice to take away our jitters. This year, I decided it would also be a fun idea to create a cute craftivity to match the book, First Day Jitters! This set includes:

  • 4 kids to choose from (2 girls and 2 boys)
  • 3 pennants (boy and girl options)
  • 1 worksheet (boy and girl options)

I found some gorgeous skin toned construction paper and Astrobrights on Amazon to use with this and I think it made my bulletin board craft really stand out! Parents sure are going to love this first day of school keepsake.

Need More Preschool and Kindergarten Resources?

To see what else is included with these back to school activities, head to my shop and check out more pictures and details.

If you’re needing more weekly themed activities, you won’t want to miss out on these fun preschool themed lessons:



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Free Back to School Activities


If you’re anything like me, you may or may not have prepped as much as you had anticipated this summer. To help out, I teamed up with 30 awesome teacher authors to bundle together our favorite back to school resources to share with you and get your new school year started on the right foot. The best part is that they’re all absolutely FREE! Enjoy! 🙂

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