Thanksgiving Activities

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Thanksgiving and all things Fall are my absolute favorites, which made it really easy to come up with Thanksgiving activities for kids to do in these Thanksgiving theme and turkey theme resources. I know you must be SUPER excited so without further ado… Here are a few of my favorite preschool thanksgiving activities that we will be completing this year.

Fun Thanksgiving activities for kids. Number sense Kindergarten activity

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Thanksgiving Theme

These Thanksgiving theme activities for preschoolers are the cutest and are jam packed with so much goodness. Here’s two weeks of lesson plans to help you tackle Thanksgiving activities this fall.

Thanksgiving theme lesson plan
turkey theme lesson plan

Preschool Thanksgiving Activities

Thanksgiving reading activities

The Macy’s Parade is always fun to watch so I knew that a beginning sound phonics parade would be a hit. This one is simple but jam packed with fun. Grab two matching lettered wheels and pair it with the correct beginning sound float.

Fall preschool activities. Handwriting and letter activities for preschool

Literacy activities are always a favorite to this reading specialist and this one does not disappoint. This is a great one to put in a sensory bin or you can do things a bit differently this go around and create a turkey using a strainer. If you choose to use a strainer, just tape the turkey to the front and stick the feathers in the holes. Then have your students pluck the feathers and trace the letters they pick. Of course, you can always ditch the colander and complete the activity as pictured as well.

preschool Thanksgiving activities syllable work

Write the room can be such a fun activity to do. These pilgrim syllable cards are a fun way to get your little ones moving and learning at the same time. Simply hang the cards around a room and let your students walk around to identify how many syllables are in each word.

preschool thanksgiving worksheets and activities

Once they know how many syllables are in the word, they will find the matching letter on their worksheet and color in the amount of syllables.

turkey activities kindergarten syllables

Need a more sit at your seat type of activity? This is another fun way to practice syllables. Your students will love adding the syllable feathers to the right numbered turkey. I’ve also included a syllable worksheet so you can do a preschool assessment, if you wish, as your students practice their cutting and gluing skills.

pattern activities for preschoolers

These pattern activities for preschoolers have tons of variations in them. Set them aside in a math center and let your little ones independently name what comes next in the AB and ABB patterns.

fall preschool activities to work on measuring

How cute is this preschool measurement activity?! I’m loving the Turkey theme going on with these Thanksgiving activities and think this would be so much fun for your students to complete as a measurement game or write the room activity in Kindergarten.

Thanksgiving measurement activity for kindergarten and preschool math centers

Simply hang the turkey trot cards around the room and have your students take their measurement worksheet and their turkey ruler with them to see how far the turkeys ran each time. You can also do this preschool measurement activity at a table. We’re still working hard on our handwriting so for my little ones, I like to leave numbers near them so they can reference them as needed.

Thanksgiving write the room activity to work on counting and number recognition

Speaking of write the room activities, this is a GREAT Thanksgiving theme to do with your little learners. Just take the worksheet with you as you count the number of feathers on the turkeys and color in the correct number.

turkey activities for counting

Counting is a vital skill for preschool and kindergarten aged kids to learn and this is a fun way to do it. Simply choose a card and place that many “feathers” on the turkey. We chose to use these colored clothes pins but colored feathers would look just as cute and still get the job done. This fun hands on activity also comes with a printable preschool worksheet to complete as well.

preschool thanksgiving activities for simple addition

Stuff the turkey with the Thanksgiving feast in this fun spin and add Thanksgiving activity. Spin both spinners and feed the turkey that many pieces of food. If your mathematicians can handle it, you can also teach them how to make an equation.

Thanksgiving Activities for Preschoolers

thanksgiving activities for preschoolers

I think this is one of my favorite Thanksgiving activities for preschoolers because it uses so many different types of mathematics in one activity. To play this, choose if you want your students to work on making 5 or 10. There are two different mats, depending on the amount you want each kid to do.

This activity comes with two sided pilgrims. To make 5, place 5 pilgrims in a cup and shake them around. Then, dump them onto the Mayflower mat. After that, have your students check to see how many landed on the girl side and boy side. The students can then make a 5 frame using the pictures they got. If you have a stronger mathematician, you can even teach them how to make the equation.

Thanksgiving activities for preschoolers. Roll the dice and count the Native Americans

Here’s another counting activity that can easily be differentiated on your students skill level. To play, roll the dice and identify the number that’s rolled. Then, count out that many Native Americans and place them in the village. If you want to increase the difficulty of this activity, roll the dice again and add more Native Americans in the village. A great extension would be to teach your little learners how to write an equation with the two numbers rolled.

thanksgiving toddler activities to match the turkeys to the right shape

One to one correspondence is a skill that even toddlers can be successful at, with practice. These Thanksgiving activities for preschoolers and toddlers are a fun way to practice matching and shapes in math centers or sensory bins.

compound word games

This compound word activity is very beneficial for beginning readers because it focuses on the phonemic awareness skill of blending. Here, your students will take two feathers and say them aloud. Then, they will blend the two words together, to create a compound word for the Native American to hold.

It’s vital to do this activity orally, without actual written words, in order to build upon their foundational reading skills.

math games for preschoolers. Roll the dice and put the food in the cornucopia

Kids can’t get enough of counting, especially in fun themes like this. Most of my counting activities go up to 10, because that is developmentally appropriate in preschool. However, I’ve had a few educators request counting activities up to 20 for their stronger mathematicians and Kindergarteners… and I aim to please!

Let me know if you try this one out. I’d love to see it and all of my other Thanksgiving activities in action on Instagram or Facebook!

10 frame math game and thanksgiving math activities

This Thanksgiving math activity is a blast and makes it easy for math in the classroom to be a whole lot of fun. Your kids will love creating math equations with this make 10 game. Grab it for incredibly cheap, HERE!

How To Play This Fun Math Game:

First, place 5 turkeys on your 10 frame. Then, spin the spinner and add or take away that many turkeys. After that, write an equation on the math worksheet and spin again. The first person to get to 10 wins!

Thanksgiving crafts for kids

These Thanksgiving crafts for kids are brand new in my shop and I may be a tad obsessed with them. I mean, look how cute they are!! Can you blame me?

thanksgiving crafts for kids

These pilgrim crafts and Native American crafts would look adorable on a Thanksgiving bulletin board in your classroom. Parents also get a kick out of fall crafts so these would be great to send home as a Thanksgiving keepsake. This fall activity comes with a boy and girl pilgrim craft, a boy and girl Native American craft, and 3 different phrases of writing. Check them out HERE in my shop.

toilet paper roll craft

Tear art is one of my favorite Thanksgiving activities to do with little ones because it needs little to no guidance and they always come out so cute and different from one another. Of course I had to incorporate tear art into our Thanksgiving theme so we made adorable toilet paper roll crafts to decorate our classroom walls.

paper plate craft

Every single time we create crafts in my classroom, I pull out these awesome trays from Target. They’re my favorite because they tend to contain the mess AND have perfect size cubbies to hold manipulatives (like paper and googly eyes in this case).

How To Make It

To complete this thanksgiving craft, you will need to gather construction paper, a paper plate, a toilet paper roll, googly eyes, and a glue bottle.

  • First, cut the construction paper plate in half.
  • Then, glue the googly eyes and a turkey face onto the toilet paper roll and set it aside to dry.
  • Next, let your students tear the construction paper into small squares. For my younger kiddos, I usually will precut these in strips so they only have to tear across once.
  • After that, have them glue the squares onto the paper plate to look like feathers.
paper plate crafts

It wouldn’t be fall without an obligatory turkey handprint, am I right?! This Thanksgiving turkey hand print poem is perfect to send home as a parent keepsake. Paint your kiddos hand using the colors of your choice, let dry, then send home as a Thanksgiving gift for parents.

thanksgiving turkey hand print poem

Thanksgiving Books for Kids

These fall preschool activities wouldn’t be complete without a list of Thanksgiving books for kids. These are some of my favorite Preschool books about Thanksgiving so I know you will love them.

Free Thanksgiving Printables

free thanksgiving activities for kids counting puzzle

I decided to try something new this Thanksgiving and created a mystery counting puzzle. My daughter has been really enjoying putting this together and I’m loving the math foundations we are building by playing with it each day. I just know your kids will love this free Thanksgiving printable too!

Free addition math game for kids. This mystery math puzzle is a fun Thanksgiving activity to do near turkey day!

Need one a bit more challenging for your mathematicians? Check out my newest addition mystery puzzle HERE and grab it for free!

Need more Preschool and Kindergarten activities?

To see what else is included with these turkey activities and preschool thanksgiving activities, head to my shop and check out more pictures and details.

thanksgiving activities for kids to purchase
turkey activities to purchase

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