Ocean Activities for Preschool

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Summer is the perfect time to explore an ocean themed lesson plan with your preschoolers. Check out these engaging ocean activities for preschool to help your kids build early literacy, numeracy, and motor skills. Have fun while learning all about the ocean and the creatures who live under the sea.

Are you planning a family beach vacation? Looking for a way to make preschool extra fun all summer long? Interested in teaching your preschoolers more about the ocean? Then you won’t want to miss these exciting crafts, ocean activities, and our favorite books about the ocean too. 

ocean theme activities

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Ocean Theme Lesson Plan 

My ocean themed lesson plan is filled with activities to build early learning skills with your preschoolers. Use this lesson plan filled with 15 different learning activities and resources to explore the ocean with your early learners all week long!

ocean theme lesson plan

Read Alouds

I’ve included themed read alouds to start each day. Reading. These picture books will teach preschoolers all about the ocean, expand their vocabulary, and encourage curiosity and imagination too. Here’s what’s included:

Math Ocean Activities

I’ve included 7 fun math ocean activities for preschool to help you practice early math skills with your preschoolers this summer too. Check out these adorable ocean themed printable activities to build counting skills, practice patterns, learn about subitizing, and more.

Practice counting skills and one-to-one correspondence with your preschoolers in this fun twist on counting clip cards. This hands-on activity includes printable swordfish and counting cards to tell your preschoolers how many links to use with each swordfish. 

prek ocean activities

Preschoolers will have fun building their own swordfish by counting out links and connecting them to the fish’s nose. Plus, it’s a great way to build fine motor skills like finger strength and dexterity too.

Deep-Sea Measuring Practice

Learning to measure is an important early math skill for preschool learners to master. With this printable ocean activity for preschool, you can introduce your kids to nonstandard measurement. Preschoolers can measure the sea creatures with a printable seashell ruler.

preschool ocean printables

Fish Scales Spin and Add Game

Have you tried spin and add games with your preschool learners? This ocean activity is one that will engage even those preschoolers who aren’t fond of math. 

Use the spinner to discover how many scales to add to your fish. Preschoolers can practice number identification and counting as they identify the number on the spinner. Then, count out the correct number of scales on their fish.

Ocean Patterns Practice

Practicing patterns with preschoolers is an important early math skill. Preschool learners develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills by learning to identify patterns and determine what comes next. These no-prep ocean pattern practice worksheets will help your preschoolers practice these important early math skills while learning about the animals that live under the sea.

Crabby Subitizing Race to 20

Learning to subitize helps to prepare preschool learners for solving simple addition and subtraction equations in less time. Fun ocean activities for preschool like this crabby subitizing race will make it fun for your preschoolers to build subitizing skills this summer.

ocean animal activities

Jelly Fish Fine Motor Math

Get ready to explore jellyfish with your preschoolers as you build fine motor skills and counting skills at the same time with this fun ocean activity for preschoolers.

Ocean Number Mats

I’m a big fan of learning early math skills like counting, one-to-one correspondence, and number identification with playdough number mats. These ocean-themed number mats are a fun hands-on way to help your preschool learners develop these important early numeracy skills this summer.

Language Arts & Literacy Practice

Do you use letters of the week in your preschool classroom or homeschool? Choosing a letter of the week theme like “ocean activities” is a great way to get your preschoolers excited about learning and help them memorize the alphabet too. These ocean activities for preschool are perfect for a letter of the week “O” theme.

Exploring ocean activities with your preschoolers is a great time to practice early literacy skills too. I’ve put together lots of fun language arts activities to help your preschoolers practice rhyming, identifying letters, syllables, beginning sounds, and more. Here are some of the fun ocean activities for preschool in this under the sea lesson plan:

Shark Letters

Get ready to have some fun identifying letters and practicing letter sounds with your preschoolers. This exciting shark themed ocean activity for preschoolers is a no-prep printable you can all have fun with! 

You can do so many things with these fun shark letters! Cut them apart and hide them in an ocean sensory bin for a scavenger hunt that’s filled with sensory experiences and letter learning fun. Then, practice saying the letters out loud and reciting the sounds they make together for extra practice. 

Compound Word Clams

Explore compound words with this stress-free ocean activity for preschoolers. Print these cute clams to help your preschoolers expand their vocabulary and practice building compound words together in the classroom or at home this summer.

ocean activities for kids

Fishy Syllables

Learning about syllables with preschoolers can be a lot of fun! Try clapping games to help your preschoolers become familiar with identifying syllables. It’s an important early literacy skill to help your preschool learners become strong readers too. 

ocean activities for prek

Your little one will love sorting words by their syllable with this hands on ocean activity.

Submarine Sounds

While you’re building early literacy skills and preparing your preschoolers for reading, use this submarine sound activity to practice phonemic awareness in an engaging hands-on learning activity they’ll love.

ocean rhyming activity for kids

Crabby Rhymes

I love practicing rhymes with preschoolers! Rhyming is filled with giggles, excitement, and opportunities to have fun learning. In this fun printable activity, you can explore rhymes with the crabs in the ocean.

Nursery rhymes about the sea are a fun place to start. Try these favorites:

  • Row Row Row Your Boat
  • Once I Caught a Fish Alive
  • A Sailor Went to Sea

Then, have fun singing and dancing to ocean songs for more rhyming practice. We love Baby Shark and Down By the Bay. Share some of your favorite ocean rhymes and songs in the comment section. I can’t wait to try some of your favorites with my preschool learners too!

Ocean Crafts for Preschool

A week of ocean activities for preschool just wouldn’t be complete without some adorable ocean themed arts and crafts. Adding crafts to your preschool lessons gives you extra opportunities to build fine motor skills while helping your preschoolers practice cutting, pasting, and color identification. Plus, these ocean crafts will give your kids a chance to explore their own creativity and build confidence as they express themselves through art.

Printable Ocean Crafts

Some of my favorite crafts to make are my printable ocean crafts for preschool. I love that you and your students get to choose what color each animal will be and the skin tone of the people, by simply changing the color paper that is used.

ocean crafts for preschool

These ocean animal crafts come with 13 easy and fun crafts for kids including:

  • Octopus craft
  • Turtle craft
  • Whale craft
  • Lobster craft
  • Crab craft
  • Shark craft
  • Sea horse craft
  • Jellyfish craft
  • Dolphin craft
  • Fish craft
  • Mermaid craft
  • Boy and girl snorklers crafts

Goldfish Fingerprint Art

This cute goldfish craft is one that parents are going to love! It’s a great way to preserve those tiny little fingerprints with a unique ocean themed memory you can keep. 

Have fun building fine motor skills, exploring colors, and getting creative as you create your own little goldfish with this fun fingerprint painting activity. For even more fun, add an ocean themed snack by sharing some goldfish crackers with your preschoolers when you’re through.

Playdough Jellyfish Tentacles

Sculpting is a creative way to build finger muscles for handwriting with your preschool learners. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to make some 3D art with a fun ocean theme. 

Get out the playdough and work together to build jellyfish tentacles. Let your preschoolers explore different methods for forming the tentacles to add a STEM engineering element to your ocean activities for preschool this week.

There are so many fun things you can do with an ocean preschool theme this summer! Add fun ocean-themed videos, movement games, and sensory activities for even more ocean learning fun. This ocean lesson plan is perfect for a week-long theme, but you can add as many activities as you like to make this ocean unit last all month or even all summer if you want!

Share your extra fun ocean activities for preschool in the comment section. I can’t wait to read your ideas and try them with my preschoolers this summer too!

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